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Video: What Adolf Hitler said about the Boers
I decided to look in Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to see what he said about the Boers. Few know of his obsession with the Boers when he was a young man. In Mein Kampf I found many references which indicated that Hitler had a knowledge even of the black tribes that live in South Africa. I found MANY references to God, Gods image, the Creator and the Christian religion.

There is new information about a lot of corruption in Ukraine. It seems to be very bad and lots of people are stealing money like crazy. The last I heard, quite a long time abot was that Zelensky is personally stealing about $1 billion PER MONTH. I don’t know how bad things are.

In many respects though, it seems to me that whereever Jews operate, they have to use corruption in order to get people to work with them. I think it is just the normal Jewish modus operandi and you’ll find it EVERYWHERE. Their only hope is other people’s greed and nothing more. Beyond that, they have nothing to offer anyone.

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Kenya: Witchcraft: The devil told me to have sex with sheep
Witchcraft is rampant across Africa. This story is incredibly weird and bizarre. Other Blacks said this Black guy was also having sex with a dog. This story makes for some insane reading. I published this on my old website.

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