Ukraine War: Lukashenko’s astounding LIE! – 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in 2 days – My ERROR regarding Crimean Bridge

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In a post earlier I mentioned that the Ukrainians destroyed one of the critical Crimean bridges. This is my mistake. I saw a photo of it. It seems to be damaged and the holes don’t seem as if they will take long to fix. So it might just cause problems for a short while.

Putin OWNS Belarus and he OWNS Lukashenko. To his credit Lukashenko has done his UTMOST to NOT let Belarus get involved in this war. He has saved White Lives.

Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, has been out-doing Putin and the Russian Military of Defense. He said recently that in the first 2 days of the Ukrainian counter offensive, the Russians killed 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers and they injured 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers!!!

Those are crazy numbers and bear no resemblance to the battlefield tactics or any reality. The truth is that only 5 of the 12 Ukrainian Tank brigades have gone into battle. The main armoured fist has not yet gone into battle.

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