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[The insanity of this panic knows no bounds. But as I warned, the fake virus is not the problem. The problem is the economic damage that is going to be caused. Millions, maybe as many as 20 million people could lose their jobs. And businesses, owned by whites might sink. That is terrible. 

There is nothing important enough to justify this madness. 
BTW, Britain, especially London, is the heart and soul of Jewish global banking. They have unbelievable amounts of money stashed away in the Caribbean. It's one of the biggest scams on the planet. 


div>Causing economic chaos and maybe even deliberately destroying small and medium white-owned businesses, might be part of what the Jews are hoping for. It will hurt whites here in SA too. Jan]

‘We bailed out the banks, now we need THEIR help’: Business owners’ fury as lenders refuse to hand out government-backed loans – with up to one MILLION small to medium firms facing ruin

Firms complained they had been refused money for not meeting loan criteria or offered rates of up to 30%

Others said they couldn’t get through on phone or told money would take weeks to arrive, killing off firms

But Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised the scheme would guarantee businesses up to £5m at reasonable rates

MailOnline has been inundated with complaints from business owners who say banks are ‘taking advantage’

Britain’s ‘greedy’ banks are threatening the future of up to a million coronavirus-hit firms who could go bust in the next month after being refused one of the Government’s business bailout loans, it was revealed today.

Victims have told MailOnline the Treasury’s ‘approved’ lenders are ‘taking advantage’ of the crisis and offering interest rates of between seven and 30 per cent on emergency loans – even though the current UK base rate is now at 0.1 per cent.

Irate business owners claim they are being ‘stitched up’ and one told MailOnline today: ‘Banks being the gate keepers of this scheme is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank’. Another fearing for his future said: ‘Britain’s banks are an absolute disgrace. I contacted them over nine days ago without any reply’.

HSBC, Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds, Santander and Metro Bank have all been named and shamed by customers as all the UK’s banks were under pressure to deny their bosses their eye-wateringly high bonuses at a time of national emergency. They have already been pressured into scrapping £9 billion in shareholder dividends and are being urged to use the cash to support struggling businesses instead.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak insisted a fortnight ago that British businesses could simply walk into branches and apply for emergency ‘Coronavirus Business Interruption’ loans of up to £5 million ‘on attractive terms’. He said ‘any good business in financial difficulty who needs access to cash to pay their rent, the salaries of their employees, pay suppliers, or purchase stock, will be able to access a government-backed loan’.

But vast numbers of customers say the banks are rejecting their applications, especially if they have cash in the bank, and are encouraging them to take a more expensive commercial loan using their houses as collateral.

Tina Mussell, owner of Parlour Farm Kitchens in Cirencester, said she has already been warned by NatWest that she could be refused an emergency loan because her business lost money in the past two years and said: ‘We bailed out the banks as taxpayers in 2008, now we need them to help us.’

Sara Keel, of Guildford in Surrey, is the founder of Babycup Ltd, a weaning aid business, told MailOnline: ‘I have tried and failed numerous times to make contact with our bank, NatWest, waiting in telephone queues for hours on end’, she says she eventually got a call back but not from the lending department and is still waiting for news and a payment holiday she was promised has never materialsed. She added: ‘This inaction and incorrect action puts our contingency plans into jeopardy’.

Lee Chambers, who runs a wellbeing training company called Essentialise in Preston, Lancashire, has also been refused a loan and is having to use his credit card and selling off his own valuables to stay afloat.

Steve Lord, who runs Nottingham-based Belgrave & Powell, which supplies BAE’s F-35 and Typhoon fighter jet production line, said: ‘Some lenders are taking advantage of the situation. The government needs to make it so everyone’s offering the same terms. It seems to be that if you are lucky you are banking with the right party, if you’re not lucky you’ll end up having to close your business.’

As the Government’s emergency loan scheme appeared to be failing, it also emerged today:

UK suffers record-breaking 563 coronavirus deaths and 4,324 cases in 24 hours – taking total number of victims to 2,352 with almost 30,000 Britons known to be infected;

NHS ‘swab centres’ for frontline staff lie empty for a second day as Government is accused of losing control of testing and lagging behind the rest of the world. But an anti-body ‘immunity’ test is getting closer;

Firms ramp up prices on coronavirus PPE gear by up to 1,000%, including on masks, gloves and aprons as NHS staff write to the PM asking for protection;

Imperial College London believe up to 1.8million people could already have had coronavirus patients – one in 37 people in the UK;

Sadiq Khan still blames commuters for packed Tubes and urges key workers to take the bus;

You can read the rest here:

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