Zuse3 – Z3 – The world’s first programmable fully automatic computer! – Jews are LYING about their role in the creation of COMPUTERS! – The Jew John von Neumann


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The world’s first programmable fully automatic computer was built by a German engineer and completed in 1941. It was way ahead of anything the Allies had, but it was used for private use. However, it was of such a nature that it could easily have been improved further. It was years ahead of anyone else.

I was reading an article about early computers. Because it turns out that … as you can guess, GERMANS were the first to build the closest thing to modern computers. But then I came across mention that there was an ERRONEOUS (or deliberate Jewish?) .

It turns out that a Jew named John von Neumann from a wealthy family is often attributed to playing a key role in the evolution of computers. It turns out that academics now say that he is wrongly given credit for this. So the question is: Is this just an accident or is it more likely that Jews have been propping up this Jew in an Einstein sort of way to OVERRATE yet another Jew? When I look at the nonsense that Jews do in history, I think there’s some fishy Jewish crap going on.

Here’s the relevant paragraph about the first computers:
The Manchester Baby of 1948 along with the Manchester Mark 1 and EDSAC both of 1949 were the world’s earliest working computers that stored program instructions and data in the same space. In this they implemented the stored-program concept which is frequently (but erroneously) attributed to a 1945 paper by John von Neumann and colleagues.[39][40] Von Neumann is said to have given due credit to Alan Turing,[35][41] and the concept had actually been mentioned earlier by Konrad Zuse himself, in a 1936 patent application (that was rejected).[42][43] Konrad Zuse himself remembered in his memoirs: "During the war it would have barely been possible to build efficient stored program devices anyway."[44] and Friedrich L. Bauer wrote: "His visionary ideas (live programs) which were only to be published years afterwards aimed at the right practical direction but were never implemented by him."[45][46]

So in the above paragraph the idea of a stored program is FALSELY attributed to the Jew and his buddies. They have thus attributed it to the Englishman Turing. But the German, Zuse, had actually written about this in a patent in 1936 – 9 years earlier. So the German was way ahead of anyone.

Here’s the full wikipedia article about the Z3 computer – yet another German first: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z3_(computer)

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