UK COVID #SCAMDEMIC – The handful who really died of Covid


[One of my readers published this comment from the UK. This falls in line with other stats I've seen over the months. For the most part, I hardly bother publishing anything about the #scamdemic because its such an over crock of shit. What a load of nonsense it's been all year. But I think whites are growing tired and will wake up to ever crazier nonsense. It's time for our people to arise. Jan]


Latest NHS England CV 19 report to the 19th November.

The number of people whose deaths were attributed to CV, without
any pre-existing medical conditions is 1664, aged 0 to 112.

The average life expectancy in the UK is 81 and the average age
of death from the virus in the UK is 82.4 years of age with or without
pre-existing medical conditions.

Source of information NHS England, ONS (office for
national statistic) and the only media source to report on it the times
newspaper. These figures are freely available on their website.

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