Tucker Carlson Reviews ‘White Fragility’: ‘Poisonous Garbage’ By A ‘Complete And Total Idiot’

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[This seems to be the only guy on mainstream media who actually tries to do a few things for his race, given the fragility of his position. He's not a bad bloke. He also stood up a bit for white South Africans. White Fragility is really Jew/Liberal induced. Whites are not fragile. Whites are openly beaten up on EVERY DAY! This book BTW is just Liberal nonsense trying to twist things back on whites. Just junk. Jan]

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized the New York Times bestselling book “White Fragility” during a Wednesday night segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Written by author and academic Robin DiAngelo and published in 2018, “White Fragility” has gained traction recently due to ongoing demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd. According to the Amazon description, the book explores “the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged, and how these reactions maintain racial inequality.”

After pointing out that the book is likely to become required reading for students and even employees at business retreats, Carlson used four words to sum up its contents: “White people are racist.”

“Not just racist white people,” Carlson said. “All white people. Whether they’re six years old or 100 years old, all of them are by definition racist. They are racist because they are white. Only white people are racist. No one else is.”

Carlson described DiAngelo as a “professional anti-racist educator” who “shuttles between schools and boardrooms telling people that their DNA makes them evil.”

“Of course not everyone likes her message,” he said. “Telling people they’re racists is fine, if they actually are racists. But what if they’re not racists? And most people in this country are not. Well let’s see: How would you like it if someone called you a child molester, or a wife-beater? You probably wouldn’t like it very much. In fact, you could lose your job for that. You could lose your friends. You could even lose your family. You might feel pretty threatened by the accusation.”

All of which, to DiAngelo, “means you’re guilty of racism,” Carlson contended. “Feeling threatened is definitive proof that you’re a racist. You’re defensive. You’ve got ‘white fragility.’ Hence the title of the book. By the way, if you’re not threatened when someone publicly denounces you as racist, that is also proof that you’re a racist. Either way, my friend, you are a racist.”

“Logic is clearly not Robin DiAngelo’s specialty,” he said. “Neither is literate writing or clear thinking. She’s a complete and total idiot.”

Carlson continued to point out other “ridiculously false claims” in the book, such as the contention that people are “socially penalized for challenging racism.”

“Really? Where and how?” he asked. “The country the rest of us live in, the United States of America, hates racism. Hating racism is effectively our national religion. Every organization we have is organized to stamp it out. Commit racism and the FBI shows up. Come on. It’s just too absurd to be real.”

“But Robin DiAngelo isn’t really trying to convince anyone,” he said. “The real point of her book is to defeat and demoralize you. DiAngelo claims that everything you really want — everything that people of every color really want, in every society in the world — is a sign of white racism. Want to live in a safe neighborhood? You’re a racist for that. Want to send your kids to a decent school? You’re a racist for that. All of your dreams are racism. The only way to atone for this racism is to give up those dreams and abandon your aspirations and make sure your family lives a much worse life. For white people, DiAngelo writes, quote, ‘discomfort is necessary and important.’” (RELATED: Larry Elder Rips Black Lives Matter: ‘All About Transferring Property From White People To Black People’)

The Fox News host contended that the fact that DiAngelo focuses on racism instead of wealth inequality plaguing all races is a likely reason corporations are big fans of the book.

“In sum, ‘White Fragility’ is an utterly ridiculous book,” Carlson said. “Its ironies are so profound they make your head spin. A book about racism that is far more aggressively racist than anything Louis Farrakhan has ever written. A book that claims to side with black people, but it instead patronizes and demeans them like they’re children. A book about systemic injustice that is in fact itself a sly defense of the very people perpetrating the worst injustices in our society.”

Calling everything about the book “poisonous garbage,” Carlson encouraged viewers to resist any coming requirements to read it or accept its premise.

Source: https://dailycaller.com/2020/06/24/tucker-carlson-white-fragility-robin-diangelo/

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