Transgender surgeries linked to horrific and often fatal infections: “I now live in a painful body that no lon ger belongs to me”


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The Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology published a study recently about a formerly healthy 18-year-old boy who underwent a ghastly and barbaric transgender "affirmation" surgery that resulted in his death.

The report explains that a team of surgeons castrated the boy before cutting a hole in his crotch to remove a portion of his colon, the material of which they then used to try to create a fake vagina so he could pretend to be a "girl."

It cannot be emphasized enough that the boy was healthy and normal, at least physically, prior to the surgery. Thanks to LGBT brainwashing, though, the boy lost his healthy body and his life entirely on the altar of transgenderism.

Some states are attempting to ban these types of body-butchering procedures for children, only to receive pushback from the Cult of LGBT which claims that opposition to such horrors is a form of "hate."

Over the course of the past several decades, the transgender mutilation of children has gone from being a criminal act of bodily assault and attempted murder to being a praised form of "affirmation" for those who we are told were "born into the wrong body."

"So if you think it might be a bad idea to castrate children, you’re expressing hate," writes Chris Bray for "Toward Kindness," his "Tell Me How This Ends" Substack page.

"If you’re a little iffy on carving vaginas into boys, using strips of their guts that might kill them with an infection, then, well, stop being a Nazi. Someone shot the Overton Window into the Oort Cloud while we weren’t watching. Mary Shelley is Literally Adolf Hitler, viciously maligning the wise and warm-hearted Dr. Frankenstein and his glorious monst – uh, his glorious achievement. Nature is a cruel impediment, but we have brave surgeons to conquer it by cutting us into our true form. Carving up healthy young bodies is health and love."

Going trans just for social media clout and attention isn’t worth the lifetime of pain, horror and regret that follows

It is rarely spoken about, but rates of transgender regret, meaning the number of people who underwent such horrific procedures and somehow survived and now wish they had left their bodies alone, are on the rise.

Scoring a few social media points in the immediate aftermath of a "transition" when all attention is on you and you are getting lots of "likes" simply cannot make up for the lifetime of pain and misery that ensues from ripping apart absolutely essential body parts and replacing them with fake imitations of the opposite sex.

Something is very wrong with society when a child can be taken away from a family by Child Protective Services for drinking raw milk or using medical cannabis, but is allowed and even encouraged to make life-altering bodily changes that come with a high risk of death without parental consent.

Increasingly more transgenders are coming forward to admit that they wish they had never "transitioned." If they could go back, they say, they would undo all the misery and pain and go back to normal – if only someone had warned them rather than "affirmed" them.

"We’re having a failure of societal judgment at the conclusion of a long period of societal disconnection: severed relationships, severed conceptions of shared humanity," Bray adds. "Things that would have been greeted as grotesque and obscene a very few years ago are embraced and socially recoded as being nice. Opposition to the infliction of death and pain is being mean. Shrug and be mean."

"Death cults end with death. Be calm, be firm, and stay clear. The dominant culture of the moment is a corpse posed to wave and smile, made-up to look like a living thing. Whatever else happens, just don’t dance with the corpse."


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