Top Rabbi at celebrity Kabbalah center ‘molested student then threatened to kill her’

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[So this is a top rabbi in action … so to speak. I laughed at the part where the rabbi was complaining about his life and other Jewish teachers! Now that’s Jewish … moaning and complaining … even about each other. They’re a race of filth. This story is from 2014. Jan]

Co-director Yehuda Berg sued by former student over alleged 2012 assault Jena Scaccetti claims Berg groped her then made threats to attack her

Daily Mail, UK/January 18, 2014

A Rabbi at the famed Los Angeles Kabbalah Center, attended by stars including Madonna and Ashton Kutcher, has been accused of sexually assaulting and threatening a woman.

Yehuda Berg, the co-director of the center, is being sued by Jena Scaccetti, who claimed that her former spiritual adviser had groped her in October 2012.

Ms Scaccetti alleged that when she rejected his advances, Berg became angry and said he would ‘f***ing kill’ her.

Berg, a father-of-five, allegedly attempted to assault Ms Scaccetti after inviting her to dinner at his mother’s apartment where he claimed he would be able to heal her kidney stones, TMZ reported.

When she arrived, Ms Scaccetti claimed she was given Vicodin and alcohol by Berg, who was complaining about his life and other teachers at the Kabbalah Center.


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