Thoughts for Whites from Reverend Matt Hale of the Church of Creativity – Political Prisoner

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[Some excellent thoughts from Matt for Whites to ponder. Jan]

Friends and Supporters: Matt sent his quote for today. Ms. H

"Nobody asks how many White people have been murdered by BLACKS as a result of the media’s hyping of the death of George Floyd. (There is zero evidence that the death of Floyd had anything at all to do with race.) Countless blacks are in fact being radicalized to hate Whites as a result of vicious media propaganda and the lie that White people are trying to harm and brutalize blacks wholesale within this country. Shame on the Wolf Blitzers of the world for inflaming an entire race with a pernicious victimhood mindset which only fills the pockets of those who profit from misled and misguided people."

Matthew Hale


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This is part 1 of the 6 part series I did on The Great Jewish Mask.

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