The WILD WILD Donald Trump story began on 6th January 2021 … What tragedies will come?

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The real story of Donald Trump was not his presidency … but how it ENDED and what will come from it. THAT IS THE REAL STORY OF TRUMP.

Everyone hoped Trump would be awesome and for the most part, he was not. But he did energise "normie" Americans. However, the real story of Donald Trump has only just begun.

I think this story is going to grow and become a more powerful force. Exactly how, and in what ways, I cannot predict, but this is truly fascinating.

The REAL STORY OF PRESIDENT TRUMP begins when Biden takes office and Trump leaves office. I suspect that Trump is, currently, almost a prisoner in the White House. His bridges are burned. He has been stabbed like Julius Caesar, from every side. Et tu Brute?

In this story … I think people will be jailed … maybe a few people will die….

Trump himself could end up becoming the subject of criminal investigations … maybe even jail …

If Trump manages to succeed in the face of the impossible, then in years to come the WASP ELITE and Jews may have to kill him. But that is for later.

Can they nip the Trump Rebellion in the bud and kill it now?

We’re about to watch and live through probably the most amazing time in American history … in decades … maybe even since the Civil war?

It all depends.

The Congress, the Military, the Intelligence and the Police will have as their goal the quiet removal and silencing of Trump. That’s their goal. If Trump does not do this, then they will use their power against him.

My own thinking is that this may be the greatest thing that will come out of Trump. In this anger and tragedy … people will be forced to take sides.


As for our movement and the awakening of our race: EXCELLENT STUFF. EXCELLENT.

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