The US Election determines the fate of the White Alt-Right


My biggest concern about this damned election is what will happen to the Alt-Right. These Jews are out to smash and destroy, for once and for all, the fabulous progress of our movement that occurred in the USA. They have harassed people I know including one website and its successful radio show who were doxxed and went silent. So sad. Someone I had met at the Fash Bash.

Another guy from the Fash Bash told me that his enemies are trying to dox him a second time.

This is dreadful stuff. I am very concerned that the shitbag, Biden, will cause real problems for us.

On the plus side, he might do such weird, loony stuff that maybe it will freak out white Americans more.

GREED and MONEY is working against us, and we as a race need to abandon the search for money, etc. We need to see racial values as the highest values. We must stick together at all costs.

I am mostly concerned by a collapse in morale of the Alt-Right if this shitbag Biden walks in. I hate the thought. I really do.

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