The most important intellectual in modern US History: Professor Carroll Quigley – Clinton’s lecturer


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[It is very important to get inside the head of one's enemies or competitors. And for quite a while I've been wondering: WHAT EXACTLY DO THE AMERICAN ELITE BELIEVE THEY ARE DOING?

The man I'm currently doing a bit of digging into is Quigley. It started with me asking myself the question: What EXACTLY is at the heart of what the American Elite believe? What EXACTLY do they think they are doing right? They are HELL BENT on rushing non-whites, even Africans into the USA. I am convinced that the American Liberal Elite BELIEVE THIS IS A GOOD THING. They believe they have a secret which is going to work. So what is the very basis for this thinking? 

The answer, it appears to me is Professor Carroll Quigley. I can't find anyone more influential in thinking than this man. His magnus opus was Tragedy & Hope. He had access to secret records of actual secret societies. They gave him access to their most secret records for 2 years. 
Never does Quigley mention JEWS. But clearly Jews are also in there. 
However, what I'm trying to discern, is where do Jews begin and end and where do the American Elite begin and end. They are not exactly the same entity, and understanding these different points is critical. 
So I've been refreshing my knowledge of Quigley and even listening to a rare interview someone had with him. 
My impression is that this man, and people who think like him, are at the crux of the mad insane behaviour of the USA as the USA sets out to be the greatest nation on earth. Quigley himself believed that the USA is the greatest nation on earth. 
He also has interesting insights into the Jew Henry Kissinger, who to my amazement, Quigley was furious with. 
It is Quigley who is the only academic, who actually wrote down that there were firm, traceable signs of a conspiracy going back to before the French Revolution. 
He makes the interesting statement that the French Revolution of the Middle Class, was also being manipulated to be a Communist Revolution. This astounds me. I thought Communism was only invented half a century later. 
Quigley set out to train his students to be influential. Bill Clinton was his only student who became the President. 
My goal here is to get a grip on the mindset of the American elite, because they seem to have a twisted, watered-down version of Western Civilisation in their heads, and somewhere, there are big mistakes in their thinking. The question is to hit home and find the key points they believe. 
So I've also picked up and opened books I had decades ago, like “The Naked Capitalist” by Skousen, and I'm relooking at things. 
Even racial theory, as we know it, from Hitler, and those who came before him, was itself based on the understanding of what it was that made nations successful. 
Interestingly Quigley believed Western Civilisation was heading for a collapse and this needed to be circumvented. 
This in part explains the wild moves of the USA in drowning itself in debt, while arming itself to the maximum beyond that of any nation on the planet while trying to rush across the globe sticking its nose in everyone's business. 
This can only be the result of the Elite and the Jews working in cahoots, each bringing their metworking powers to bear. 
The Jews are anti-white filth. However, the American elite are basically white, in fact, I suspect almost completely WHITE. Yet they believe they're doing incredible things. They are very confident with their stupidity. 
I am fascinated by their actual key arguments. 
And there is also this Anglo-American establishment link which is the link between the Elite of the UK and the USA and the Jews and it also hovers across the rest of the english speaking world. Interestingly South Africa also falls under this group power structure. They see South Africa as part of their “territory” if you will. Not that there can be much left of their representatives here.
Quigley's insights into the fall of Salazaar in Portugal, and the rise of communism are fascinating. 
Quigley, amazingly, was against communism. But the Elite are working hand in glove with Jewish communism. 
So these are critical touch points, and a picture is forming in my mind. 
I think there are probably a couple of errors in their thinking. I still think Europe is the true super power. Also GLARINGLY ABSENT from their views is the issue of RACE as a FACT. That is a critical error. 
Anyhow, I'll be publishing more on Quigley. Another great historian who also had influence was the British guy Toynbee. But Quigley is really the core, I think of American thinking. 
Something else that is absent from their thinking seems to be a key understanding of the importance of the military. Their thinking is based on a worship of business and trading … which no doubt dove-tails perfectly with the Jewish race of shit. 
A love of business and money, in my view and experience shows a misunderstanding of the power and importance of the military man and the warrior. Without them the state would not even exist. The Military, Intelligence and Police are the firm arm of Western society. Without them, there is NOTHING. So I think there are many errors in the thinking of the elite.
However, I'm still going to dig because Quigley was certain that he knew why civilisations collapsed. And I'm certain he does NOT include race in his analysis. Jan]

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