The Jews: God, Natural Law & Priests: The Jewish Modus Operandi in a nutshell

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[Bob in DC wrote this. He’s been studying the Jewish problem for very long. Take special note at the bottom of what he says about the Jewish lies about the past, and how they aim to control the future. This is the Jewish modus operandi in a nutshell. Jews are scum and whites should have nothing to do with them. Jan]


Atheism is a bad term.  It implies that there is no Universal Power and no need for Natural Law, which is obviously wrong to any reasonable adult.  This Power, once understood to some degree, has been mythologized into various forms created for general human consumption, usually by a priest class.

There have been both good and evil priests throughout history.  Jew priests learned long ago not only enough about Power, but also how to manipulate the masses.  They became experts at psychology – the basis for most black arts.  They take old myths and rework them for their own purposes, which at first were simple looting operations.  Then it became chronic parasitism!

This has now developed into nothing less than their quest for world domination.  The Jew cancer has metastasized.

Their compass points only to themselves.  They are mongrels loyal to no race – to nothing other than their own motley crime syndicate cult.  They destroy all power not their own, much of which resides in the races of mankind.  Jews infiltrate and manipulate the true races into attacking one another, all too often inciting internecine warfare.  They’re experts at it.

This is the enemy we face, the enemy we are in a death struggle to defeat, or die trying.  Our White Race is the Needle of Mankind’s Compass, and it points to our Destiny.  It is guided by our Morality, or our lack thereof.


Jews Destroy the Past,
Lying in the Present,
to Control the Future! 

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