The Jew Albert Einstein: Plagiarist and Fraud – My Comments

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[The topic of Einstein is a whole different study by itself. I did dig a bit into this some time back. There is no question that he used his position in the patent office to steal ideas. In fact the stealing of ideas at patent offices had already been going on intensely even in the USA.

I do have doubts about what Einstein achieved, and whether it actually propelled physics forwards or backwards.

Also, Einstein, with his unkempt hair and inability to comb his hair, is given to us as some kind of sign of super intelligence. Compare that with real European scientists, especially Germans, who were able to dress decently and comb their hair. Jan]

Was Albert Einstein truly a genius, or was he just a fraudulent “scientist” who has been elevated to glory by his fellow jewish tribesmen?

The answer is abundantly clear when you take a closer look (archived):

Albert Einstein is today revered as “the Father of Modern Science”. His wrinkled face and wild hair has become a symbol for scientific genius and “his” E = mc^2 equation is repeatedly used as the symbol for something scientific and intellectual. And yet there has for years been mounting evidence that this “Father of Modern Science” was nothing but a con man, lying about his ideas and achievements, and stealing the work and the research of others.”

The most glaring evidence against Einstein concerns “his” most famous equation. One website notes “The equation E=mc^2, which has been forever linked to Einstein & his Theory of Relativity was not originally published by Einstein. According to Umberto Bartocci, a professor at the University of Perugia and a historian of mathematics, this famous equation was first published by Olinto De Pretto …two years prior to Einstein’s publishing of the equation. In 1903 De Pretto published his equation in the scientific magazine Atte and in 1904 it was republished by the Royal Science Institute of Veneto. Einstein’s research was not published until 1905… Einstein was well versed in Italian and even lived in Northern Italy for a brief time.

“Saint Einstein” is a key figure in the fraudulent notion of “jewish supremacy”.

All of the real scientists whom Einstein plagiarized were White. None of their names are equated with the concept of “genius” the way Einstein continues to be. Throughout his life, Einstein refused to publicly debate ANY of his famous “theories”; he was a coward.

The best work exposing the fraud of Einstein is The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein by Jon Bjerknes. Here is a full PDF copy of that book, which thoroughly discredits Einstein beyond all doubt.

From Chapter one of Bjerknes’ book we read:

“His favorite tactic to avoid debate was to accuse his critics of being “anti-Semites”, while refusing to address their legitimate accusations of his, Einstein’s, irrationality and plagiarism. Like most bullies by bluff, Einstein was a coward, who hid behind the power of the racist Jews who attempted to shield him from criticism through well-orchestrated smear campaigns in the international press.”

Gee… eighty years later, it’s almost like these same strategies are being used today…

The greatest scientific mind, Nikola Tesla, once observed about Einstein:

“Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king… its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.”

Tesla also once infamously told his secretary, “Never trust a jew.”


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