The Israeli Smart City Agenda to spy on the world…


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[A reader of my website had a concern, and this was my reply. Jan]

The person wrote:
I’m very concerned about the Smart City agenda, which is an Israeli weapon to digitally control the world. Netanyahu even brags that Israel is the 2nd eye of the 5 eyes network.

I replied:
Don’t worry too much about these things. You clearly don’t grasp the power of when people push back, e.g. like COVID. Also, haven’t you noticed that Israel is losing the propaganda war globally? And I did post the other day, but probably you never saw it, that Wikipedia’s Editors have recently declared the ADL to be "generally unreliable". They stopped short of banning the ADL from wikipedia altogether. I think you should not worry too much about some of the Jewish plans because people many people are more awake and pushing back on all fronts.

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