The Hardest hitting thing I could do for us in South Africa, in our predicament

I have been working like a mag dog for the last week. Some days I was up for 24 hours at a stretch compiling a document about us whites in SA and our horrible predicament, with this black Jewish President of ours and his final “ZIMBABWE MOVES” to f*ck us over!

I compiled a 52 page document with the most confidential info I have from my almost 20 years of activism.

I included the 12 page confidential document from our top military intelligence analyst that I have never shared with anyone.

I have sent my documents to my most trustworthy contacts around the world.

My goal is to circulate this around the Western world so that certain whites are aware of what has happened. What happened in secret and what lies have been told.

I packed it with the hardest hitting info I have ever compiled. It is in my name.

I’m quite convinced that never in South African history, has a white from South Africa said the things that are in that document.


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