The greatest economic crash in 1500 years predicted by economists – Or the greatest hyper inflation in history?

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[This is from a reply to a reader. Jan]

I wrote:

I am with you regarding mega crashes. I will publish your entire message
below. I also watch quite a lot of stuff from Stansberry Research. My
one gripe regarding Robert Kiyosaki, is that he seems to me a bit of a
marketer. I have his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and read it long ago. But I
understand the concepts of the mega crash and the Romans clipping coins,
etc. Yes, we are going down the Roman/German Weimar angle.

I do think that we’re definitely in mega-crash territory.

But I think the US Government and The Fed are working overtime to pump
out as many trillions of dollars as are needed to hold the markets up.
If they make the slightest mistake, the markets will tank for sure.

But EVERYTHING is linked to the markets, including all investments,
pensions, etc. If the US market tanks, it will take the entire world
down with it. So it appears to me from my reading that they have opted

So I think they will print money for the rest of our lives and longer.
The Fed actually BUYS UP, more and more of the stock market. There is no
reason why, a decade or so from now, The Fed might own 95% of the entire
US stock market for example.

PRINT UNTIL THE END OF TIME. They do NOT really have to even pay interest on it.

So I think they’re going to inflate for the rest of our lives, and
barring a problem, the markets will go up – but ever slower and slower
and needing ever increasing trillions.

I think the only outcome is going to be GLOBAL HYPERINFLATION that will
be unstoppable.

BUT KEEP IN MIND the Fed has computers, statisticians and
mathematicians. So they can do a LOT OF MAGIC with the money they are
printing. They can probably FAKE a good market for a long time.

But a crash must come. Let’s say they fake it for 10, 20 or 30 years –
eventually things must sink. In the short term, I think it’s inflation
and later will by hyperinflation. There is so much at risk if the
markets crash. If the markets crash EVERYTHING DISAPPEARS. Pensions,
savings, investments, you name it. If the markets crash, Whites across
the Western world will be so angry they’ll run for their guns. I’m not
joking. This is mega serious and the Fed and the US Government know it
full well.

They will lie and fake it like never before.

Your original message:-

Stansberry Research Video.

Title "You Need an Escape Plan and Untraceable Wealth ASAP Warns Robert

The video starts out talking about bitcoin, but his reasons for buying
bitcoins are based on MOMENTUM (following the herd of lemmings) not on
anything sound. So forget that part of the video. Despite that, the
video is interesting for other reasons, as indicated below.

17-18 minutes:

  • Invest in something that has value but is not traceable.

23 minutes:

  • Some people have lost everything from bitcoin because their bitcoin
    wallets were stolen. [There is also the risk of losing your bitcoin
    passwords or address, which has happened to many people].

25 minutes:

  • Some economists are predicting the biggest depression in history?

26 minutes:

I think we’re gone. The economy is destroyed. Destroyed one of the
greatest economies in world history. We are not just messing with money,
we are messing with world history right now.

There is something that happens every 1500 years, and we’re on it, right
now, we’re on it. This could be the biggest collapse. The collapse of
the Roman Empire, the collapse of the Chinese Empire, the English
Empire, so we’re messing with history now. The Roman Empire came down
when they started putting copper into their coins … good money went
into hiding and bad money went into the system. How much fake money they
are pushing into the system is unprecedented. The [most important]
question is how many bullets do you have? Do you have a safe house?

Lenin "If you want to destroy capitalism, debauch the currency."

My Comments:

I think the usual suspects are playing their end-game strategy. The plan
is to bring about the biggest economic crash IN HISTORY. It has already
started with the massive money printing and the covid (hoax) lockdowns.

When they have crashed the system they can have their global "reset" and
radically alter the political and economic system of the whole world.

As I recall, the left has been saying "crash the system" for years.

Why does Obama predict "RADICAL change" soon?

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