EXCELLENT NEWS: Doctors and Military Backup the Movement to Free Canada – My Comments

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[This is fabulous! This game is far from over. Even as Commie Trudeau contemplates nasty moves, other Whites are still busy fighting back and joining in!!! Lovely stuff! May this be the place where Bill Gates and other scum are stopped! I also see Canadians saying there may be links between Trudeau and Pfizer and people are looking into it! Yes! Yes! Big Globalist Pharma needs some serious looking into! Jan]

On Saturday, Drs Malone, McCullough, and Trozzi all presented speeches to the Ottawa Freedom Rally.

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Today we have videos of the most recent speeches of Drs Malone, McCullough, and Trozzi for the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy Rally.

Plus we have a ground breaking message from Canadian Army Major and political scientist, Stephen Chledowski.

Lastly we have a short video of simultaneous protests in Austria and Canada, from Strong and Free Canada.

Much thanks goes to our friends at Bright Light News who contribute so much to ensuring that Canadians and the world have access to real news from the scene in Ottawa. Please join us in thanking and supporting them.


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