The Fossils I saw here in South Africa – Amazing Tree Fossils and others

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Here in SA, I once went to a farm where there were small footprints in rock from the dinosaur age. It was amazing to see the footprints and how the small lizards’ tails had dragged through what was once clearly some mud by a river or lake. For me the most amazing thing I saw was on the coast near margate where you could see fossilized trees near the beach. Trees that used to exist, but which are now solid rock. I found it amazing, being close up and looking at it. I took many photos. You also get "fossil negatives" where the original thing died and rotted away (e.g. tree trunk) and then rock formed around it. The trees blew my mind – you could see them fallen down and you could even see tree rings. I have the photos.

But, one of the greatest places on earth for fossils is in the semi-desert known as the Kalahari. That used to be a sea bed. some of the wildest craziest fossils ever found were found there including impossible fossils like jelly fish in what is now solid rock. (My suspicion is that this was created through very high speed, intensive catastrophic events).


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