The entire town of Mossyrock, WA, will be defying Governor Inslee’s lockdown orders


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MOSSYROCK, WA – A town whose leaders voted unanimously to ignore Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s lockdown orders is holding a rally this weekend to demonstrate solidarity and to send a message to the rest of the state, perhaps even the country.

Mossyrock, WA, with a population of just under 1000, is the small town with the big heart. That heart will be put to the test against the authoritarian rule of the state government as their defiance will likely be met by some sort of rebuke from the Governor’s office. They’re calling for help from patriots who still believe in the U.S. Constitution and the rights therein. According to Seattle journalist Katie Daviscourt:

Last month, leaders voted to defy Inslee’s COVID-19 restrictions on indoor bar and restaurant service. According to the new city ordinance, the city “will not recognize” Inslee’s orders to temporarily prohibit indoor dining, limiting service to outdoor seating or takeout.

A “Freedom Mossyrock Rally” is will be held on Saturday, Dec. 12, at Mossyrock City Hall. According to King5, the Mayor is aware that he technically does not have the authority to overrule the Governor.

“No, we don’t have the authority,” Mossyrock Mayor Randall Sasser said. “It gets the word out, it gets people thinking about really, what is happening?”

Sasser said restrictions should be determined by local health officials, much like local school districts in the state have determined if students return to campuses for in-person learning. He said limiting Mossyrock’s restaurants and bars could put them out of business.

“For businesses to shut down who have given their life savings to open up a business in a small community and then be ordered to shut down and not have any restitution to help them survive, that’s a shame,” Sasser said.

It really comes down to whether state or county officials are willing to go to the small town to enforce the lockdown order since local officials will not. This is why the rally on Saturday is so important. By showing solidarity and getting the word out about strong support for non-compliance, they hope the Governor will avoid a showdown that will bring him bad optics regardless of the results. If enough people can make their voices heard on Saturday, it’s possible the Governor will pick a different hill upon which to die, politically speaking.


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