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[Some good stuff in here about how White men should be behaving. But it's not just American men who are useless. ALL of us White males everywhere are useless. I don't buy into the CIA and Government theory the guy uses in this article. I do know that testosterone levels are dropping. But it's not due to the Government. Jews are destroying masculinity! Jan]

The Emasculation of the American Male

By Servando Gonzalez|July 15th, 2022

According to what it was reported in the press, as soon as they heard about the ongoing situation at the Uvalde school, some of the mothers ran to the place in an effort to protect the lives of their children. Unfortunately, the Uvalde police did not treat them well.

We saw dramatic scenes of Uvalde police mistreating and harassing desperate mothers. Some of them were gassed, tased, handcuffed and treated as criminals. It was a shameful day for America.

Anyway, as in the classic Sherlock Holmes novel, the dog that didn’t bark is the key to understand what really happened there. Evidently most Americans failed to notice the absence of key actors in this tragedy: the fathers. Where were they?

The events at the Uvalde school extended for close to an hour and a half. Even if some of the fathers were at work, there was enough time for some of them to go home, grab their AR-15s and extra mags, get their sidearms, and run to the school to save their children. At least, that is what I expected true American men would have done if one of their children had been taken hostage at the school.

Once there, they would have located the perpetrator, shoot him and rescue the children. Moreover, they would have shot anybody, and I mean anybody, who have tried to stop them from rescuing their children. Unfortunately, American men, the most armed population on planet Earth, do not act like men anymore. Seemingly, they lack what makes men act like men.

What has happened to the American men? Why the most heavily armed group of men in the world are currently acting like sissies? Well, there might be some answers to such questions.

Scientific evidence indicates that, particularly after the Covid shots, there has been a substantial decline on sperm count in American males.[1] Moreover, Some studies show that American men’s testosterone levels have been declining for decades. The most prominent, a 2007 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, revealed a “substantial” drop in U.S. men’s testosterone levels since the 1980s, with average levels declining by about 1% per year.[2]

According to these studies, this dramatic decline in testosterone levels is almost certainly linked to higher rates of obesity (which suppresses testosterone) and may be linked to lower rates of smoking in men. In the 2007 study, however, the age-matched declines persisted after controlling for these variables. Many observers put more weight on increased exposure to environmental toxins, such as pesticides, and chemicals common in household products like phthalates and bisphenol A, as well as bST hormone on milk.

Moreover, some other scientists have found that residues of birth-control pills are adding 10 millions of hormones to our wastewater every single day. Most likely, some of that estrogen ends up in our drinking water and may be the cause of lowering testosterone levels in American males.[3]

But there is more than meets the eye that seemingly those studies have failed to acknowledge: what if some of these changes in testosterone levels in American men have been intentionally provoked? May it be that the globalist conspirators are intentionally destroying masculinity in the U.S.? Well, maybe they are.

According to some U.S. government documents, it was known that since 1994 the U.S. military had been developing what they called a “gay bomb”, which would made enemy soldiers “sexually irresistible” to each other.[4] The plan for a so-called “love bomb” envisaged an aphrodisiac chemical that would provoke widespread homosexual behavior among troops, causing what the military called a “distasteful but completely non-lethal” blow to morale.

The so-called “gay bomb” is the name for a non-lethal psychochemical weapon that a United States Air Force research laboratory speculated about producing. The idea was discharging sex pheromones over enemy forces in order to make them sexually attracted to each other. In 1994 the Wright Laboratory in Ohio, a predecessor to today’s United States Air Force Research Laboratory, produced a three-page proposal on a variety of possible nonlethal chemical weapons, which, according to official sources, were never developed.

But, what if they lied about it, as they usually do? Why if the globalist conspirators who fully control our armed forces actually gave the green light and they developed the “gay bomb” and have been using it against their potential domestic enemies: American men?

It is known that the CIA conducted experiments on LSD and other drugs on unaware American citizens in San Francisco and New York’s subways. So, it would not be farfetched to think that there be more reasons apart from propaganda and indoctrination explaining why American men are nor acting like men anymore.

Obviously, the globalist conspirators who are working hard to push their New Word Order upon us don’t like real men. Eventually real men may rebel and violently respond to these attacks on their country, their way of living, their family and their masculinity. This explains why the strong promotion of femininity and anti-masculinity has become a key part of the globalist conspirators’ agenda.

Currently, the globalist conspirators are devoting a lot of their time and money to push women and unmanly men into positions of political power. This is not, as they claim, because they want to give women an equal role in society, but because they think that women are easier to manipulate and control than real men. Unfortunately, examples such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, Chicago’s mayor and The Squad prove they are right.

As a result of the social law that any political vacuum of power is rapidly occupied, we are experiencing a situation in which women and non-acting men are more and more grabbing that political power. Seemingly, the only real man left in this country is Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that most of his macho man acting is just that: acting.

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