The Czech Republic and the Jews and Ritual Murder and more…


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[My knowledge of the Czechs is virtually non-existent. One of my supporters sent me this interesting article. It seems that something very similar to the Dreyfus Affair in France happened in the Czech Republic. There is a bunch of stuff in here, and you'll see the role of Jews and even FreeMasons. Jan]

Dear Jan,

The following is what I know about the Czech Republic, Masaryk (not one of us!), & Slovakia:

From Professor Helmut Schramm, 1941:

JRM case in Polna 1898/1899:

"The frenzy of the world press was all the more fierce. In parliaments, it caused uproar and scandalous scenes. Yet judges and attorneys had remained incorruptible and stood by their pronouncement of judgement.

In this critical situation, the savior of Jewry arose: the half-Jew Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, a former professor of the Prague academy and leader of of the Czech’s People’s Party, had had from the very beginning a close relationship to Jewry at his disposal; during his time as a student in Vienna he had lodged in the Leopoldstadt, which was chiefly inhabited by Jews, and finally became a tutor to Jewish families of Sclesinger and Stern.

He moved predominantly in influential Jewish circles, to whom he especially owed a debt of gratitude. Therefore he was the man suited to take on the "case" in the perspective of Judah. Although he had neither been at the scene of the horrible crime nor gone through the revealing court hearings, he "analyzed" the Polna murder in a brochure in order to, as it says in the foreword, "make up for the disgrace which the Czech press has brought upon Bohemia and Austria by its acceptance of a ritual-murder."

He (Masaryk) wrote further: "I admit it openly, that the condemnation of Hilsner has affected me deeply. Me, I who feel a warm affinity and love for the Übervolk of the Jews, which continually distinguishes itself from other peoples by its high ethics… charges, witnesses, judges and doctors have fallen victim of the suggestion of ritual-murder. Even if Hilsner had committed the murder, which I will never believe, this is still far from being a ritual-murder, but rather an act of self-defense, the spontaneous explosion of that accumulated suffering and of that torment which have been done to the Jewish people in the cruelest manner for centuries." From this point on he managed, as a result of his "investigations" to accuse the mother of the murdered girl. He concluded: "For Hilsner, innocently condemned to death, I demand an appeal! That this appeal will come, of that I have no doubt!"

"Appeal, appeal, so the whole Jewish band and their helpers, as in the Dreyfuss trial, now screamed in the murder trial of Polna. A creature of the Jews, Professor Masaryk in Prague, has composed a brochure full of the most lying accounts about the ritual-murder of Polna… This denunciatory piece of agitation writing was enthusiastically grasped by the Jewish press and published in excerpts in all large cities: in Vienna, Berlin, London, Budapest, and New York."

Nineteen years later, after the collapse of the Danube monarchy, the Übervolk of Jews paid its trusted man Judas his reward: Masaryk as a high-degree Freemason, became President of the Czech-Slovakian republic, god fathered by the Jews and Freemasons. One of his first acts of the newly baked President was the release of Hilsner from prison. The latter was still to enjoy a decade of freedom under the pseudonym Heller, with the best of health, and supported by ample financial means. The inscription on his "tomb of honor" in the Jewish Central cemetary in Vienna reads: "Leopold Hilsner (Heller). Died 8th January 8 1928 in his 51st year. As the innocent victim of the ritual-murder lie he languished 19 years in jail."

"Czech antisemitism of that time was involved with an extremely anti-German sentiment, since the Jews, who besides bore "German" names and made use of the German language [Yiddish], had not been clearly recognised as being of the Jewish race. The natural racial defensive instinct of the Czech people had not yet arrived at full consciousness."

In the Austrian Reichsrat [state council], in session 10 November 1899, the Deputy Schneider explained as follows in regard to the criminal intrigues of the Jews, staged under pretense of being German: "In the name of my party and in the name of all my voters from Vienna, and all of Austrians and Germans, I protest with utmost resolve against the fact that we Germans are confused with the Jews, or that Jews are regarded in any way as being German.

It is necessary that this is said clearly for once, so that the peace between the nationalities and the understanding among the nationalities might be able to take root, for as long as this distinction is not made between us and the Jews, the Jews will always succeed in agitating the [various] peoples…"

Arthur R. Butz tells us in The Hoax of the 20th Century that the Hollowcost rumors originated with 2 Slovakian Jews, Alfred Wetzler (Weczler) & Rudolf Vrba: The origin of gas/oven lies came from those two who claimed to have escaped from Auschwitz.

I met a young woman 15 years ago who is Slovakian, she is so beautiful, inside and out. She and I have been best friends ever since. She always corrected me, always exasperated at my error, when I referred to "Czechoslovakia" because there had been no such thing since she had been born, in 1984. Her parents were born in Communist Slovakia, she told me horror stories of how they were forced to live. Her Grandparents were staunch Catholics, they wanted to make the pilgrimage to Rome and had to ask for special permission from the government to leave the country. They finally got permission to visit Rome, and on their return they were immediately separated, put in isolation, interrogated under a single light bulb, for weeks afterwards. The same happened to my friend’s father after he managed to get permission to go to England.

She told me the Slovak revolution (fall of Communism) was merely the Slovakian people came out of their houses all over the country, dangling and making noise with their house keys!

It escapes me now where I read it, but I read that when the Germans drove into Prague, like Austria, they were welcomed by the people, flowers, smiles, with cheering and relief.

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