The Clock is Ticking for Trump … Is he Radical or determined enough? – Chain of Command issues

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The clock is ticking for Donald Trump. We’re at the end of the 20th now, and he has no more than 3 weeks in which to try to do things, and so far, his efforts are not resulting in anything significant that is changing matters. He had about 204 electoral college votes and now has 232. But in that same time Biden went from 290 to 306. So Trump gained some ground, but in the big picture he’s changed nothing.

There are people who say that he can try various moves including doing things like declaring the Democratic side’s moves null and void due to election fraud. But so far, I’m not seeing things that are hopeful.

I really think that Trump will have to fight like a lunatic and be willing to push everything to the edge of his powers as president in order to survive.

However if there remains a problem as to the "physical evidence" for the voting, then he’s in deep shit.

I think that Trump’s chain-of-command – from himself down to the people who have to do things, that something is wrong. This is something I discussed with my mentor Dr Chris Jordaan many years ago, because the whites exploited this against the blacks in their fight.

If your chain of command, is broken or compromised, at any level, then you can sit at the top and issue orders, but the end result is not what you expect. And to me, when I look at what’s coming back, it does not seem firm enough.

I truly hope Trump is radical and determined, because this is a raw fight to the finish.

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