The Chief Rabbi of UK & Commonwealth is a South African Jew


[A friend sent me this on the social media. If you read this Jew’s background. He comes from South Africa and was educated here. He married a Jewess from Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia. Look at his position. All these Jews who lived so well in South Africa under white rule. Ungrateful scum. Apparently this guy is the chief Rabbi of the UK and commonwealth. Jan]

Rabbi Mirvis in London, March 2015

PS: It does delight me to see Wikipedia begging for money! I love it! It shows you its not just the whites who are struggling for money any more!! Even the Liberal scum are also struggling!! Yes… guess whose been running away with everyone’s money!!!!

You can read the rest here:

One thought on “The Chief Rabbi of UK & Commonwealth is a South African Jew

  • 15th November 2017 at 1:08 pm

    That ugly turd Mirvis had dinner with Theresa May, on being made the nominal Prime Minister of Britain, believe it or not. We have a woman with the brainpower of a Sunday school teacher being allowed to pose as Prime Minister. Incredible. However, I do think the process of awakening to the menace of so-called ‘Jews’ will continue.


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