Hitler is so right about Jews being a race of liars – The Insane Jewish ability to fool everyone

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Alex Linder and I had a private chat today. Just some chit chat about various things. During our chat we exchanged and agreed on the Jews being the most incredible liars. Alex was quoting various dead accurate things Hitler said about Jews being a race of liars. And Alex added that Jews will lie in unison and they’ll also lie endlessly about the same topic. They’ll never stop lying about certain topics.

I told Alex that I too had noticed when I had my Jewish friend how, one week we would argue about something and I was sure I’d made the points and won the argument, only for him to come the next week and continue on as if my arguments of the previous week did not exist! He would argue over the same damned thing from scratch AGAIN! And he would do it again and again over a period of months even when I carefully destroyed his arguments point by point!

I also told Alex that the only people who stand any chance against Jews are those, like us, who know they are liars. Because anyone normal won’t stand a chance. Jews will gather as a GROUP and lie as a GROUP and continue lying as a GROUP. I had read where Hitler had raised this same thing and I did a video about it called: "How Jews lie and cheat the Rich".

One thing I had never truly appreciated about Alex was his knowledge of Christianity. I never fully grasped how much he actually knows about Christianity and it’s finer points. Things I did not know myself. He understands a lot of the finer points of Christianity.

Anyhow the two of us mused at the total chaos of the USA and the dysfunctionality of South Africa. Just a freaking mess.

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