The Bitcoin Ice Age: How far it will fall and a very realistic view of it’s next top

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[Everything this woman says here is in line with what I've seen. This is a very realistic next high, because it's high last year was close to $70,000. It was in reality much lower than the wild highs predicted by Max Keiser, whom I don't really trust. He's too much of a long term Bitcoin bull. Everything said in here is very realistic. And from what I see in the charts and from the past, it will be in the doldrums for quite a long time – about 2 years. But it should be very near the worst of the worst by the end of this year. That is the time it is going to be the best time to slowly get in. It will hit it's next high 3 years from then. It functions in 4 year cycles. Jan]

Hi folks,

The most prominent cryptocurrencies have all roughly seen a 50% decline over the last three months…

And my guest today predicted this "ice age" the crypto market is enduring.

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I sat down with Gareth Soloway, president and CFO of Gareth asserts that there is a "confluence of levels around $12,000 [for bitcoin]," and that’s where his price target lies for the crypto leader.

He says the price will jump up and then plummet down to its bottom. "I have a [bitcoin] price target around $12,000 and my long-term view on bitcoin is extremely bullish," Gareth continues, saying that $60,000 per coin is the low-end of what’s in store.

Gareth also believes that the key for crypto is how it doesn’t have "an infinite printing issue," where fiat currencies do. When I asked him about Cardano he told me the cryptocurrency was "borderline breaking out."

Soloway concludes by discussing gold’s standing in the market, saying that "gold is being accumulated by big money and will have a big run in the next 12 months."

Click on the image below to watch our compelling interview.

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Talk soon,

Daniela Cambone

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