The Anti-White Russians and their Black Pals: Russian investors have quit Zimbabwe platinum project

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[This is in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia. I'm delighted that yet another plan has tanked. Lovely. The Russians were our enemies. They armed and trained the Blacks. I am happy that their deals are sinking. Platinum is very profitable, yet the Russians have had to quit. Jan]

The Russian company has ceded its 50% stake in the company to Zimbabwe’s Kuvimba Mining House.

By Felix Njini, Bloomberg 6 Jun 2022 13:00

Russia’s Vi Holding has quit its involvement in Zimbabwe’s Great Dyke Investments platinum company.

The Russian company has ceded its 50% stake in the company to Zimbabwe’s Kuvimba Mining House Ltd., according to an email from Great Dyke, which didn’t give a reason for the change in shareholding. Igor Higer, who had served as Great Dyke chairman and is a represenative of Vi, said his company has exited the arrangement.

Great Dyke owns the Darwendale platinum deposit and has said it planned to build a $3 billion mine to extract the metal.


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