Supreme Court agrees to hear Black NCAA basketballer compensation case but NOT election fraud!

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[An American sent me this. These were his comments about it idiocy of the Supreme court. They will listen to junk like this while throwing out something critical like election fraud. Jan]

Supreme Court agrees to hear black NCAA basketballer compensation case. Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what scotus case real americans think our highest ought to be worried about. If, and how much, money that useless over-tall monkies get paid while sweating all over each other to entertain stupid white peoples lame interests makes perfect sense. We definitely NEED to have a supreme clown court for THAT while we dont have one that will hear a case over the fraudulent election of the president of the country…and people wonder why I mock law enforcement and the clowns in black dresses ?!?!?

This is the story he was referring to:

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