Supporter writes: It is IMPOSSIBLE for Bitchute Videos to be Blocked! – My Feedback

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This is what a supporter wrote to me:

Hi Jan, Your websites and your videos on hosting websites such as BitChute are not and cannot be blocked. Bit Chute is a peer-to peer Torrent. Only the commie websites such as YouTube/Google Facebook and Twitter can block the links but only twitter seems to be doing it for your content on BitChute. Be careful of these twits scare mongering you they usually cannot log in to a regular website they are so computer illiterate. Looking forward to more content I listen to what you uploaded to BitCute 19 Aug today. that was not posted on your main channel. Hope you are keeping your head high and don’t let those pure Evil parasites get to you. They may win a few more on individuals but they are playing a dangerous game because when the shit hits the fan they will be squealing like pigs not insult nice pigs.

I know what you’re talking about when you say Bitchute is peer-to-peer. I have read what you have written to me, and I also thought it was impossible to block Bitchute, but I can tell you that I have had several messages from different supporters in different countries and they have individually told me the same thing.

I have also heard weird things from one of my supporters who has a Bitchute channel. His story I can’t verify. But I assure you multiple people have told me that its blocked in their country in Europe. I specifically heard from people in: Netherlands, Portugal and Poland.

GoyimTV is back, but before GoyimTV disappeared, I noticed that my videos from Bitchute, which are on GoyimTV are unable to get my "image" that I put on my videos. When I put videos on GoyimTV – they ask only for a URL. So they then automatically draw in the URL from Bitchute and they get the Title, description and the image from Bitchute. Before GoyimTV was banned, and even now, I see that GoyimTV can’t draw in the Title, or the description or the image of my video. So there has to be something on Bitchute that is blocking the ability of GoyimTV to access my videos like it did before. Go on to and look up HistoryReviewed and see it for yourself.

Bitchute is a website. And that means it does have some centralised point. Bitchute is NOT proper peer-to-peer in that sense, because you are going through a centralised website. And that must be where the control is exerted.

What I can’t tell you is whether Bitchute really is peer-to-peer behind the scenes. I’ve looked whenever I upload to Bitchute, and it seems to have multiple servers that it randomly allocates when you do an upload. Now I do not know is whether Bitchute really has peer-to-peer architecture behind the scenes. I would love to know.

For it to be truly peer to peer, it would also then have to function like without a website. If bitchute is truly peer to peer then it has to function like Torrents do – because Torrents have a true peer to peer architecture. In that case, then Bitchute, should, theoretically have some installable application that one should be able to use other than the website.

If you, or anyone can find the true answer then I am interested.

Alex Linder and I have discussed the need for peer-to-peer everything in order to reduce control and interference of what whites do. I would love to know more about Bitchute. I know the original story was that it was peer-to-peer. Maybe in time it will have additional features. I totally love Bitchute.

But I think that the point at which Bitchute can be controlled is the website, and I suspect that some kind of legal pressure can, and has been exerted on Bitchute.

The internet works so that it is bound by the law of the country it operates in, and the Govt can shut it down. Military, Govt, Intelligence – can and do have the powers and technology to interfere with anything. You are subject to their powers.

I’ve been reading a book on the history of the NSA and it is fascinating what they got up to. All these Military/Intelligence organisations have serious powers and abilities.

If you can find out more, I’ll be interested. I’m fascinated by the entire setup of Bitchute and I regard it as the GREATEST thing that has come out of the white right so far. It is amazing, and I’m so thankful for it. It is lovely to stick a finger to JewTube.

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