IMPORTANT: Police visited Jan twice today … 4 cops in total…

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I am beginning to wonder, in the light of what happened today, whether there is any link between what happened today and my server going down on Friday. I could not find any reason to believe my server was hacked or tampered with. But this is what happened today:-

Then today I was visited by the Police twice. The first was a single cop for a criminal charge I laid against someone who had defrauded me (those who watched my video will know about the "fake"). The 2nd was a new criminal charge by YOU-KNOW-WHO, who laid the charges against me in July. 3 cops arrived for that. So I now have a 2nd legal battle with you-know-who and my first court appearance is in the 1st week of November.

It has been made clear to me, in the legal documents that the goal is to TOTALLY SILENCE ME – COMPLETELY!!!! SO MAKE THE MOST OF MY WEBSITES AND WHAT I’VE DONE WHILE YOU CAN. I MIGHT NOT ALWAYS BE THERE!!! (Of course I will resist to the maximum). NOTE: I have read a number of messages by supporters who are concerned by the possible disappearance of my websites. I am aware of this.

Those who laid charges have indicated that they want my websites SHUT DOWN and they want ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA SHUT DOWN. They want to silence me TOTALLY.

I WANT MY FREE SPEECH and so I will oppose all efforts to shut me up. It is also clear from the legal stuff that they are concerned by the spread of my information. It comes through very clearly, that they do not like the fact that people are listening to me on an ever greater scale.

They make specific references to how many people read my articles or view my videos and they say things like "… is trending on the social media…". It is bothering them intensely that people are listening to me.

I am working like a lunatic on all fronts, but they are trying by all means to silence my websites and me. They’re trying everything, and I can probably expect even more legal stuff coming my way.

Plus … I don’t know what they might do technically on the Internet and with my websites and servers!!!

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