Strange Jewish News: Is this the plan to depopulate the West by 2025? – My Analysis

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[I looked into this, and I've seen these numbers before. But I downloaded the full PDF and looked at the predictions for the USA, UK, Germany and France which are the worst. It predicts a 70% drop in the population of the USA for example. But then I looked at other countries like Russia and South Africa for example, where it shows either almost no change at all, or even an INCREASE IN POPULATION! This concerns me. There seems to be no real proof for why certain countries only would have huge population drops. I am thus rather skeptical of these claims. I don't know where they really originated from and how they were calculated. I'm thinking that this is some kind of hoax someone perpetrated. But I'll publish it so people can see and make up their own minds. Jan]

NB: You can download the 3 page PDF which shows what is predicted for all nations on Earth here:

The reason you see a smoking gun at the top of this post is because I believe I have found a smoking gun concerning the Plandemic. Below is a link to a PDF that you need to save on your computer. Don’t just open it but save the PDF to your computer or device so you can open it later and the reason I say that is because this link might go bye bye shortly after I make this post.

Deagel 2025 Forecast by Country

This web page was previously on a military site Deagel that has since been wiped. Also all copies of this document have been removed from the Wayback machine, as if someone was trying to hide it. Someone had made a PDF of it earlier when it was still up is the only reason I can show it to you. Again, save this PDF.

According to this World Bank document, the Plandemic is scheduled to end in 2025!.

Are you awake?

This may be a hoax but if its not a hoax then I hope you see what it means.

It is surely of relevance that the page containing the global population statistics 2017 – 2025, country by country was removed from the Deagle website on April 20, 2021 just as “vaccine” injuries began to pile up around the globe and just as public awareness of this emerged.

Why no response to something which should be of extreme interest? Is it because you don’t believe this is true? Is it because you don’t understand it?

I expected there would be people saying its true or people saying its a hoax. I did not expect crickets. So I am somewhat confused by the response to this post compared to the response of the Dr. Noack post.

Why would there be such HUGE interest in my Dr. Noack post and little to no interest in this post, when this post, if proven to be true, is so much more significant than the Dr. Noack post?

Many people across the internet have been saying that there is a depopulation agenda in the Plandemic and here is apparent direct evidence of that depopulation agenda and yet there is no interest in it? WHY?

If you think this is a hoax then say its a hoax. If you think its true then say its true. But don’t just ignore it.

When I see something like this which should be relevant to a whole lot of people being ignored then it raises my suspicion that just maybe its being ignored because it is true and Jews do not want to even touch it.

I am always sniffing for the Jewish Rat. Absolutely.

It is the Jewish M.O. to completely ignore any truth which they cannot lie about. Whenever truth is pointed out to Jews in a way they cannot deny, they just go silent. This going silent is strategic on the part of the Jews. They are smart enough to know that the best thing they can do when confronted with an undeniable truth is to completely ignore it.

Is that what is happening with this post? I really want to know.


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