Video: ANTIFA Chanting HAIL SATAN IN Portland on 7-9-23 at a JESUS MARCH.

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I also discuss how in South Africa, the National Party betrayed the AWB. In this video I discuss the concept of Jews using Whites to destroy other Whites. But in the end, ALL the Whites end up losing, including those who worked to destroy the Right Wing/Racial Whites.

[I received this from an American. Sadly I can't see it because my Twitter a/c is suspended. Jan]

A group of Christians held a JESUS MARCH in Portland, but were interrupted by the Satanic ANTIFA creatures who have been released from Hell for a short while before the end days. Dont worry, they will be sent back soon. DonT waste your time praying for them because they are demons and not human. Each and every one of them should be drug tested for ADRENOCHROME, since most of them come from a tribe with a history of blood drinking going back thousands of years, and there are 58,000 kids missing from TRAITOR JOES open border, not to mention the millions of kids who go missing every year around the planet, never to be seen again. Pass the link around to your friends, I’m sure they might like to know about this. Perhaps it will encourage them to ARM UP !!!!!! !!!!!!

And maybe they might want to go see Mel Gibsons brand new release that just came out !!!

It’s turning out to be a blockbuster as evidenced by the negative review it got from the New York Slimes, and they are “ON RECORD” for that !!!
The movie is called THE SOUND OF FREEDOM, I do believe !!!

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