S.Africa: Who was right? – Wie was reg? FW De Klerk or Eugene Terreblanche of the AWB?


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I spotted this on Twitter. The image above is that of FW De Klerk in the 1992 referendum where the whites had to vote about black rule. As I recall, what he asked was to continue negotiations to a settlement. His words often were “this is power sharing”. He would say: “We’re not handing over power, we’re sharing power”. But then of course, after 1994, that came to an end. He said his words nicely, and tried to remove the chance of fear among whites.

Someone on Twitter put out this afrikaans image below. It reads:

On the left is FW De Klerk and he says: “Give me your vote and I will not disappoint you”.

On the right is Eugene Terreblanche and he says: “Make sure that you get us independence – the ANC will destroy us”.

The question in the middle reads: “Who was right?”

The sad fact, is that the whites who are right, who are going on the basis of their real world and historical experience, are proven CORRECT, while the whites who listen to Liberal lying scum are proven wrong, but everyone finds out TOO LATE!

In 2010, ET was murdered by 3 blacks, one of them a Zimbabwean. To this day I believe it was an assassination that Mugabe and Julius Malema were co-operating in. Jan

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