S.Africa: The latest (unexpected!) Electricity collapse… now 10 Hours without electricity daily!!!


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This is an American article I published on AfricanCrisis from another website.

The latest news, hot off the press here in SA is that we’re now up to 10 hours without electricity every day. Previously, in the last few days, the longest total loss I had in 24 hours was 7 hours. But now it’s officially 10 hours a day across the country!

People are getting very irritated.

As for me, I just carry on functioning, day or night, whenever I’m working, I work regardless. I just switch over to my batteries and solar anytime I need to, which is often.

A White man makes a plan… and it’s all good.

Things will get worse and I can’t wait. This electricity thing is fantastic.

This is damaging many things and it is GOOD.

This is our path to FREEDOM.

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