S.Africa: March 20 Warning: EFF warns businesses to close on day of planned shutdown or face being looted


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EFF members have warned businesses to close ahead of the national shutdown on 20 March to avoid being looted.

Party spokesperson Sinawo Thambo said communities had welcomed the "popular" methods that have been applied.

The SA Federation of Trade Unions reportedly said more than 700 000 of its members would take part in the shutdown.

Ahead of its planned national shutdown on 20 March, the EFF has warned all small businesses and factories to close on the day or risk being looted.

In a video seen this week, party members were captured announcing the shutdown on the back of a bakkie via a loudspeaker.

The speaker is heard saying: "We are saying to you close down all your businesses to avoid the looting. Close down all your shops to avoid the looting. Close down all your factories to avoid the lootings.

"Close down everything; nothing will be operating on that day; we are avoiding the looting. So, we are saying to you, come and join the march, my brother; come and join the march, my sister."

EFF spokesperson Sinawo Thambo said the party had travelled door to door, handed pamphlets, and mobilised on the back of bakkies throughout the country to "effectively gather people for the national shutdown".

In response to the video, Thambo added communities had widely welcomed these "popular mechanisms" nationwide.

"It has been effective, and it is being received well by our people who are suffering the rising costs of living, high unemployment levels, and high levels of crime, so our people wanted a solution to their problems."

Thambo said the SA Federation of Trade Unions’ involvement would see more than 700 000 of its members taking part in the shutdown and ensure workers would not be victimised for joining.

Its general-secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi, announced the trade unions’ participation in the shutdown at a media briefing last week.

"This means that we will galvanise and mobilise our own members to join the national shutdown across the country.

"In fact, we have submitted a Section 77 notice this morning [Thursday] to protect all workers in and outside the federation.

"This means any worker, even if they are not [a] member of any union, including the federation itself, will be protected from victimisation by employers when they participate in that national shutdown," he said.

Source: https://www.news24.com/news24/politics/political-parties/eff-warns-businesses-to-close-on-day-of-planned-shutdown-or-face-being-looted-20230309

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