S.Africa: DIVERSITY backfires on Diversity! – Black babies remark: SAHRC suspends acting CEO

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[An Indian woman in a high position referred to senior managers as "Black Babies". So now she's in deep shit for the fake crime of racism! It's lovely to see diversity backfiring on diversity. It looks as if this Indian woman will be fired. Jan]

Cape Town – South African Human Rights Commission’s (SAHRC) acting CEO Chantal Kisoon has been placed on precautionary suspension following allegations of racism.

Kisoon is alleged to have referred to senior managers as “black babies” during an operational plan meeting on February 23.

In a statement on Friday, the SAHRC its commissioners met and resolved to place Kisoon on precautionary suspension pending an investigation.

“The SAHRC as an institution supporting constitutional democracy, wishes to assure the public that it does not condone racism, or any other violation of the rights entrenched in the Constitution. It greatly regrets the incident in which its then acting chief executive Officer, Ms. Chantal Kisoon, was alleged by the staff of the Commission as having used a racial slur against them. It will leave no stone unturned in investigating the incident and dealing with the perpetrator should it be found, in an independent process, that she indeed used a racial slur and violated the dignity of her colleagues,” said the Commission.

Acting CFO Lorinda Lynn, has been appointed to act as CEO. The Commission said someone else will be appointed to act as CFO.

“Noting the egregious nature of the allegation against the Acting CEO, Commissioners resolved to immediately initiate an investigation into the incident, to be conducted by an independent person who will report back to the Commissioners with findings and recommendations. Such independent person may be a retired judge or senior attorney or senior advocate.

“The process of drafting the terms of reference for appointing such an independent person have started and it is expected that the person will be appointed soon.”

Source: https://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/news/black-babies-remark-sahrc-suspends-acting-ceo-cee63b77-0a5c-47a3-9bbe-c5a86efed5f0

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