S.Africa: 2 Blacks posing as cops in shootout, victim and 2 hijackers die, Delmas – My Comments


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[I'm wondering if this is a different version of the story where a White man was attacked by 4 Criminals posing as cops. In the gun fight he killed them all and he himself was killed. It looks as if this might be the same story except the Police say there were 2 Blacks instead of 4. Jan]

A motorist sadly succumbed to his injuries after a shootout with two armed alleged hijackers. The horrific incident unfolded on Saturday 12 June 2021, on the R50 Road at Delmas.

According to the report, a passerby informed authorities about two vehicles and three people lying on the ground next to the road. He further informed the police that the vehicles were riddled with bullets and the three men seemed to have been shot at. Police as well as medical personnel proceeded to the scene where they found a white Toyota Hilux Double Cab and inside was a male occupant with gunshot wounds. The other vehicle, a white VW Polo Vivo fitted with police blue lights was also discovered behind the bakkie and two men were found inside with gunshot wounds as well.

Preliminary investigation suggests that the two men from the VW Polo, were trying to hijack the bakkie when a shootout ensued.

The alleged hijackers were found with police face masks as well as reflector jackets. Two firearms were also seized from the scene and the serial number on one of the firearms has been filed off. The confiscated firearms, one belonging to the victim and the other to the suspects, will form part of the probe.

The victim as well as one of the suspects have already been identified and it has been discovered that the suspect was previously arrested for crimes related to hijacking of vehicles.

Several incidents were reported at Delmas SAPS where victims were hijacked and robbed of their vehicles as well as valuables by suspects who disguised themselves as law enforcement officers, driving vehicles fitted with blue lights.

Some of the said suspects have since been arrested and their cases are before court.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/mpumalanga/blue-light-hijackers-in-shootout-victim-and-2-hijackers-die-delmas/

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