REVERSE COLONISATION: French-Algerian man says ‘we’re going to colonize’ the French ‘until death, until the end of time’ in viral video

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[The French are now experiencing what the British are! They're being Reverse-colonised. Now your colonials are colonising you! Look at how arrogant these worthless punks are. Jan]

In an interview that has gone viral, one French-Algerian man says that he lives in France even though he claims it is racist, explaining that he is there to colonize the country and warning that he and his people will colonize France “until death, until the end of time.”

“Racists, they colonized us for 132 years. And now it’s our turn to come here. How can I explain it to you? I can’t find the words. They’ve colonized us for 132 years and now we’re going to colonize them for life until we die. Until the end of time.

The video has been seen nearly 4.5 million times. Many social media users see it as evidence of the underlying ideology of many newcomers to Europe and North America, with a significant number holding hostile views toward the countries they enter.

The interview was conducted by Ezra Levant of Rebel News, which is based out of Canada. Levant traveled to France during the week-long riots that caused over €1 billion in damage and resulted in over 4,000 arrests, as well as thousands of buildings and vehicles burned, including historic landmarks like the Alzacar Library in Marseilles. The riots were sparked when an officer shot and killed a French-Algerian, 17-year-old known criminal for refusing to obey a police command and speeding away from the scene.

While the original interview with Rebel News only earned a few thousand views on Youtube, the Wall Street Silver account clipped the interview, which then went viral.

Many users on social media reacted negatively to the video.

The French political and media classes have also entered into a sharp debate about the causes of the riots, with numerous commentators, academics, and politicians pointing out that the country’s extremely high level of immigration has fueled a security crisis. The left, on the other hand, argues that poverty, racism, and police violence are the motivating factors behind the riots that destroyed homes, shops, vehicles, and even schools.

Rioters Attack French Mayor’s House With Flaming Car

There is no denying that France is facing rapid demographic change. As Remix News previously reported, nearly 20 percent of all newborns in France have Muslim first names, and many in the immigrant community hold anti-French and anti-White views. France has also seen a record number of immigrants in 2022, with many of them coming from Middle Eastern countries, including former colonies such as Algeria.

Already in 2020, Etienne de Gonneville, France’s ambassador to Sweden under Emmanuel Macron claimed that “France is a Muslim country,” on account of the 4 million to 8 million Muslims living in the country. He made the comments after a French history teacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded by an Islamist for showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad during a class lesson on freedom of expression.

‘We Loot For Revenge’

It is not just a tiny minority with extremist views from France’s Muslim population either. In fact, 36 percent of Muslims surveyed in France by Pew Research said that suicide bombings could be justified in some instances in 2006, the last time the question was asked.

A French parliamentary report released in 2021 also documented the widespread nature of radical Islam throughout the country. The report found that all of France, with the exception of the Western part of the country, is affected by extremists who adhere to Islam’s religious ideology.

Nor is the rhetoric from the Algerian man living in France uncommon from Europe’s Muslim community, including those lauded by the media. Following mass riots from Germany’s migrant community on New Year’s, for example, German-Iranian author and commentator Behzad Karim Khani spoke of ethnic Germans dying out and claimed they would be replaced by foreigners:

“I think we’re at a point now where we should take an honest look at the situation. Let’s start with the simple statement that we — migrants, foreigners, people with … call us what you like — are not going to leave that easily. And neither will you, dear organic Germans, though, demographically, you’re definitely going away. You’re dying out, and your country needs about 400,000 new workers (every year) over the next 15 years, that’s about a million immigrants a year. We migrants will probably inherit this land. So we could play for time here, which is time you don’t have.”

Historic French Library Torched by Protesters


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