Prepping: How to make a Solar Stove

Making yourself a solar stove is an easy way to save money on your electricity bill. It uses the heat from the sun and locks it up inside itself.

I had an old electric stove that was out of use, mostly due to how high it raised my electricity bills. It was the perfect candidate to be the base of my solar stove. I started out by measuring the size of the stove and then thought about how this would all work. I knew what I wanted—a solar stove that could cook food at any time of the day and could follow the movement of the sun without me needing to lift it up.

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First, I gathered everything that I would be using (Of course, most of these items can be changed out for others; this is just how I built it.):

A bike wheel (with both the tire and the wheel itself)
A window glass
Mirror foil
An OSB plank
Metal sheets
A photo enlarger stand
Wooden planks
Gray paint
Gray heat-resistant spray paint
Black heat-resistant spray paint

It’s a long article with lots of photos. You can continue reading here:

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