8 Pics: Apartheid: How Black communists killed black Traitors (a good idea for White Liberals!)

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Video: 2nd Anglo-Boer War: The British Atrocities against the Boers
The 2nd Anglo Boer war is probably the only war where WHITE CHILDREN were the main victims by far! In this video we take a look at the dirty war that the British Army engaged in, in order to crush a tiny army of Dutch-German Farmers (the Boers) here in Africa. We look at photographs and information from that time. We also look at the role of the British Rothschilds and Jews in this war.

[I spotted this photo Human Torch which was taken in 1990 and won a Pulitzer prize. This is an example of the blacks in the current govt of South Africa, the ANC and how they treated traitors (i.e. Blacks who were friendly to Whites). So if anyone ever tries to tell you that the war was NOT racist, then they know nothing. Rest assured these blacks were vicious.

Nelson Mandela originally proposed cutting the noses off traitors but that was not deemed tough enough. So necklacing was invented.

So here are a few photos of blacks who were being killed by the ANC in this way. One scary thing about the Jewish way of operating is how they begin lying and covering up real facts that are actually commonly known in history. For example, 50 years from now, there might even be people saying: “Necklacing? That never happened! That’s just a lie from the time of the whites…”

We whites will need to figure out ways of treating our race traitors in the future. Now a White Liberal is the ULTIMATE RACE TRAITOR and this is a topic I’ll revisit later. But I think if we take a few pointers from these blacks, maybe this is what we should do one day with those whites who continue to work with the enemy in keeping us down as we try to struggle for our freedom. Jan]



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Video: More scientific proof that IQ is in hereditary - Jews lie for their Survival
I look at recent scientific evidence to see what scientists know about IQ. The Liberals/Jews and other scum like to pretend that IQ is NOT hereditary. They try by any means to misdirect whites away from this direction. But what does Science say exactly? Scientists have suspected for long that IQ is mainly hereditary. But if you believe things are hereditary, then you‘re heading down the path of ‘Scientific Racism‘ which is something Liberal/Jews do NOT like!

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