Pic: The Best Jewish Holocaust meme of all time!!!

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[I saw this today. This is the best meme about the stupid (malicious) Jewish holohoax of WW2. I like the way it ends: “Just Jew it!” Totally brilliant.

I have recently received some uptodate Jewish holocaust information from a South African supporter who went to Poland and who went to several Jewish holocaust museums and sites! I’ll put out a video shortly to show you how the lying Jewish scum are hard at work lying to the world and even the British Royal Family (they might be closet Jews themselves – but let’s not go there for now). These Jewish lies must be taken SERIOUSLY because rest assured it is all highly MALICIOUS and intended to harm people, in this case the Germans. Jan]

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2007: S.Africa: AIDS: Drug Resistant TB: People will die like flies in southern Africa
This was an article I published from a White pathologist in S.Africa. AIDS and TB combine to kill lots of Blacks. The pathologist sent me some really interesting info in this article.

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