Pic: Brilliant Meme: Here comes the Jew-driven Super-Race War! White men, get READY!!!


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From Germany: Horst Mahler: The Wanderer‘s Redemption
Great News! This book has finally been translated into English! Reflections about Gilad Atzmon and World Jewry

[This is a lovely meme that someone posted on the Social Media today. Yes white men, get ready to stand side by side… here it is coming…

Pssst: Don’t be surprised, if we stand FIRM that you may see this enormous crowd will vanish after they’ve taken a good number of beatings from us! Jan]

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Pic: AWESOME MEME: 1934 Machine Guns When White Society was responsible Gun Laws
Whites have never been babies. We do many dangerous things without even thinking about it. In 1934, even a child could order a machinegun by mail order. There were zero school shootings back then.

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