Photo: White Science at work: Australia will use robot boats to find asylum seekers at sea


[As always, the White man's magic is at work … properly… the white man's magic is the ONLY magic that actually works. The Black man's magic is nonsense, and the Jewish man's magic is purely a lie…. the white man is the only one with anything that actually can work. All progress on this planet is based on the White man's magic. I love these autonomous little robots. I think, with our technology and animals and our creativity we can do wild, wild things. Jan]

The Bluebottle uncrewed vessels can operate autonomously at sea

Ocius Technology

Australia is deploying a fleet of uncrewed robot boats to patrol its waters and monitor weather and wildlife. They will also flag boats potentially transporting asylum seekers, a plan that has concerned human rights groups.

The 5-metre-long vessels, known as Bluebottles after an Australian jellyfish, look like miniature sailing yachts. They use a combination of wind, wave and solar power to maintain a steady 5-knot speed in all conditions.

Sydney-based Ocius Technology delivered the prototype in 2017 and Australia’s Ministry of Defence has now awarded an AU$5.5 million (£3m) …


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