Photo: EXCELLENT: Indictment – The State of Texas vs Netflix – Lewd Visual Material Depicting Child – My Comments


[Nice! If we whites don't make noise and don't put pressure and fight back, then nothing will be done. We will have to fight tooth and nail for everything we want. Jan]

This was a note from Joe Rizoli:

This is good…My issue with this movie is the fine line between what is real life drama and what is played drama….Going out to watch 11 year old jiggle their asses for a movie part is quite different than a real life event in these girls life…. These people know how they can get away with being on the edge believe me…This is how the Jews brought in filth into the film business anyway….When they stole the movie camera from Edison and took them far away to California the first things the Jews did was produce filth and they haven’t stopped…They pushed the boundaries here and now are getting blow-back… These producers and directors must have oggled seeing these 11 year olds wiggle their asses trying to get the part like the typical filth Jew would do or perverts, also non Jews, got to be fair here… FILTH is ALWAYS linked back to the Jews…Thats just way it is….When the Bible says they would be a "By-word" among the nations God in his wisdom was right….
An interesting read is the book MERCHANTS OF SIN by Benjamin Garland dealing with the topic of obscenity laws and regulations all brought on by the Jew…An interesting read…The Jew is through and through the book….

Joe R.

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