Payton Gendron: Various Info: Websites down and his manifesto – His shooting spree…

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I’ve been doing some quick research, and it seems that Payton mentioned World Truth Videos and also Daily Archives, and both of them are now down.

I’ve not seen anything relating to his manifesto, but I’m hearing that his manifesto seems to be almost a copy of Tarrant’s manifesto – the White guy who shot the Muslims in New Zealand.

However, they say that as you read further into the manifesto, he puts in a lot more data and information. He wrote about all the races.

It seems he struck in an area that is predominantly Black, but the first person he shot was a "White" woman. She might be mixed race, judging by her very curly hair and her complexion. He also shot a White man who was a security guard. It seems all the other victims were Black.

It seems his live stream was via a gaming website called Twitch.

It seems he painted and wrote various things on his weapons like Tarrant did.

Apparently, on the "chans" they say that Payton was a Registered Democrat and also a member of Antifa. I don’t know how accurate this is. I’d like to hear more about this.

He had multiple weapons like Tarrant. On one of them he painted: "BLM" and also: "Here’s your reparations".

So that’s the gist of what I’ve gleaned so far.

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