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[This is the latest from JB Campbell regarding the OKC bombing. Jan]


March 24th 2023

In the recent Open Letter to the FBI, I mentioned that the CIA’s Bill Colby had written that the militia movement was dangerous and should be “dealt with intelligently.” He’d written this in a letter to Omaha attorney John DeCamp. DeCamp had worked for Colby in Vietnam as a member of the Phoenix Program, which was the CIA’s assassination section run by Colby with killers supplied by the US Special Forces and SEAL teams. They reportedly murdered around 40,000 mostly South Vietnamese most of whom were not Communists but rather just persons that Colby thought were likely to be problems for the CIA when the war was inevitably won.

Lawyer DeCamp was at the time representing young Nebraskans who as children had regularly been flown to Washington DC to be raped and abused by some very prominent people in the Reagan and Bush administrations. One of these monsters, identified by his victims, was former CIA director and then the current US president George Bush. This must have presented a problem for DeCamp considering his own CIA background but maybe explains why no one but the Omaha pimp Larry King was prosecuted – for bank fraud. The child sex slavery crimes, like those of Jeffrey Epstein, pretty much evaporated. The victims had been procured from juvenile detention and shelters including the famous Boys’ Town.

DeCamp also represented the Trochmanns of Noxon who ran their Militia of Montana family business for the benefit of the FBI. He also represented other locals who were members of the Montana Freemen group in Roundup. DeCamp told the court that his clients should be freed because they were working for the government. Shortly before starting “MoM,” they had been, under the guise of aiding in communications, spying on the Weaver family over in Ruby Ridge, Idaho for the FBI. Vicky Weaver, shortly before the fatal federal attack, figured out their treachery and told them not to come back. She was assassinated by an FBI “sniper” from close range while holding an infant.

The Trochmanns were also working for the BATF which must have made for interesting reporting sessions considering that I had supplied MoM with a dozen machine and submachine guns. Apparently neither the BATF nor the FBI nor the US Marshals wanted to discuss the matter although the FBI did ask me to enter into general talks with them. I said that talks would not be possible.

There is a remarkable book on the subject of this letter, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, by David Hoffman. He reproduced the Colby letter to DeCamp cited above and somehow discovered many important details about the atrocity that slaughtered 168 people including about forty children. It is the only book I know of that was ordered “pulped” by a federal judge due to Hoffman’s assertion that Buck Revell’s son was removed from PanAm 007 before it took off from London and blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland. Revell was an FBI executive. He persuaded the judge to order all copies returned and the entire lot destroyed. Somehow the book survived and was bootlegged and is once again in print and available online. I highly recommend it.

The OKC bombing destroyed the militia movement literally overnight, which was the FBI’s way of dealing intelligently. How do we know this? We know it because Timothy McVeigh’s co-defendant, Terry Nichols, revealed that McVeigh’s controller was Larry A. Potts, an FBI executive who was appointed by his friend and boss Louis Freeh as his deputy director of the FBI. Potts had to be removed from this position not due to Nichols’ revelation but because he was in charge of both the sadistic Weaver attack and the bloody Waco siege and massacre. Being in charge of OKBOMB won him the trifecta. Nichols has been kept incommunicado ever since, for more than twenty years. Potts was allowed to retire in ’97 and become an executive of a Las Vegas gaming business.

Two years earlier, Freeh knew they needed to go drastic to stop the exploding, elusive militia movement. There didn’t appear to be any command structure to infiltrate. The more the Clintons and Janet Reno criticized it, the more it seemed to grow. Several ad hoc groups had called themselves the militia but it was mostly an attitude, a new and belligerent and gun-carrying attitude.

The FBI needed a villain for the people to hate and poison their attraction for anti-federal rhetoric. The foremost practitioner of anti-federal rhetoric in America was Louis Beam of Texas. We’d met in 1990 and I was shocked to hear him speak and shocked by his and his wife, Sheila’s recent experience in Mexico in 1988 at the hands of the Federales on the orders of the FBI. Louis was wanted for Sedition and a federal trial was waiting to begin in Ft. Smith. The FBI located him in Guadalajara and persuaded the Federales to arrest him. Thinking the two Mexican cops were bandits Sheila shot and killed one. Louis was captured and turned over to the FBI and immediately flown to Ft. Smith. Sheila was taken to a Mexican jail where for weeks she was severely beaten and tortured. The FBI had lied to the Mexicans that Louis was a drug smuggler and they demanded that she sign a statement in Spanish, which she didn’t know and so she kept refusing, which got her pistol-whipped into an unrecognizable thing. Two FBI agents supervised the beatings.

The trial didn’t go as expected. Louis handled his own defense and got all twelve or so co-defendants and himself acquitted of all charges of Sedition and associated crimes. He’d been forced to have an attorney at his side and he asked an inexperienced young lawyer he knew, Kirk Lyons, just to sit there and be quiet. Lyons’ assistant was an ex-Green Beret named Dave Hollaway, who turned out to be an FBI informant. He’d mysteriously pulled off a miracle by going down to Guadalajara and rescuing Sheila during the trial. No one could understand how he did it. The Mexican judge released an American who had shot and killed a federal cop.

The Bush DOJ and FBI had totally failed and had wrecked the charge of Sedition for the foreseeable future. The Clinton crew led by Reno and Freeh had their orders which were to demolish somehow the expanding militia movement by any means and to pin any necessary crime on Louis Beam. He was for years the perfect enemy due to his former experience as the leader of the Texas Klan who had successfully eliminated the stripping of the Texas shrimp beds by illegal Vietnamese shrimpers subsidized by the US government.

They especially wanted to get even for his handing them their ass at Ft. Smith four years earlier. Thus began a joint operation by CIA, FBI, DOJ, the US Army and the Israeli Mossad dba the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was during this build-up that I produced an article about Beam entitled “Louis & Sheila” that appeared in most of the right-wing papers including The Spotlight and Liberty Bell magazine. It introduced two remarkable people who so far had survived some extremely sadistic treatme0nt by the federal government.

Freeh proposed an exchange of agents with the German prosecutors. The Germans sent a professional soldier from military intelligence and experienced infiltrator named Andreas Strassmeir, who had successfully infiltrated Bader Meinhoff and the Red Brigades. His girlfriend was an Israeli and he spoke Hebrew. His assignment was to get close to Louis Beam. The first step was approach and cultivate his naive attorney. Kirk Lyons was well known as a Civil War reenactor so Strassmeir made contact with Lyons’ office manager – Hollaway – in Houston. His cover story was that he wanted to reenact I think Gettysburg and Hollaway hooked him up with Lyons and the two went off together to Pennsylvania to play Civil War games.

As an example of how effective Strassmeir was, he persuaded Lyons to let him move into his small apartment for six months or so. Lyons told me that “Andy” had to make other arrangements because Lyons was getting married. So Hollaway found Strassmeir a place to live: Elohim City, Oklahoma, a strange Old Testament camp run by an FBI informant named Robert Millar. It was a safe house for fugitives and various criminals such as the Mid-West bank robbery gang. Strassmeir was installed as the head of security and he eventually replaced all obsolete bolt-action rifles with military-style self-loaders. He would live there for three years until the OKC bombing in ’95.

Meanwhile, the CIA was creating a legend for Timothy McVeigh as a homicidal army veteran of Desert Storm, which he actually had been. The legend, the fake part, was his anger at the mass murders of the Waco pilgrims who were shot and holocausted in a celebration of the FBI’s power.

McVeigh had been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for slaughtering Iraqi soldiers that were trying to surrender before being buried alive by Bradley Fighting Vehicles with mine plows that drove alongside Iraqi trenches and covered them with sand and dirt. If any tried to climb out with their hands up, McVeigh shot them from a following Bradley with his .50 caliber machine gun.

Another side of his legend was that of a racist loner from the “Michigan Militia” who made his living selling copies of Pierce’s The Turner Diaries. He supposedly washed out of a Special Forces selection course due to blisters from new boots but he wrote in a letter to his sister Jennifer, which she read aloud at his trial, that he was accepted by the CIA’s Covert Tactical Unit and would probably be working against drug traffickers and occasionally be breaking the law. He would instead be working against the militia movement.

Strassmeir admitted that he occasionally met with McVeigh at gun shows. Dave Hollaway admitted that McVeigh called him for advice on how to rent a Ryder truck without a credit card. The SPLC, a conduit between the Mossad and the FBI, admitted that they’d been tracking McVeigh for several years! The legend of Tim McVeigh becomes almost as elaborate as the legend of Lee Oswald – by the same organization.

When McVeigh was arrested in Kansas immediately following the bombing, some curious statements were reported. One was his assertion that he had an implant in his butt. The other was that he was under the control of Dr Louis Jolyon West, one of the big three psychiatrists of the CIA’s mind control program called MK-Ultra. This claim would become significant to my wife and me.

Jolyon West visited McVeigh about eighteen recorded times at both El Reno prison while awaiting trial and at Terre Haute prison while awaiting execution.

My wife and I met Mike Gadbaw at his home in Golden Valley, Arizona in 2002, shortly after the execution of McVeigh. Golden Valley is next to Kingman. Mike Gadbaw’s home was also the home of Tim McVeigh. They were roommates until the week before McVeigh left Arizona for Oklahoma City. You might be wondering, how did that happen?

Dr Robbi, as my wife was known, was the only qualified doctor of internal medicine who ever had Mike’s well-being as a goal. All of the other doctors and psychologists in Mike’s frightening world were in the Jolyon West program. This included his own father – Dr Gadbaw. Mike’s grandmother worked for Dr Jolyon West in his offices at the University of Minnesota. This was where Dr West first began experimenting on Mike Gadbaw in 1978. We knew this was true because it was videotaped.

The tape was split-screen of Mike in a hospital bed wearing a gown and being wired up with sensors connecting him with equipment which produced neurological information simultaneously displayed in the other half-screen. Technicians back away from him and suddenly he begins to twitch and then writhe as if he is experiencing a grand mal seizure.

I’m including this Gadbaw story to demonstrate that Tim McVeigh was likely telling the truth about his relationship with Jolyon West. McVeigh moved out of Gadbaw’s house to a motel in Kingman, which was directly across the street from the Kingman FBI office. Mike’s house in Golden Valley was directly across a dirt road from the house belonging to the local FEMA director. Mike believed that he and McVeigh were being zapped by some sort of microwave weapon from that house and that McVeigh had to get away from it.

Mike couldn’t understand how McVeigh could afford a week in a motel with a minimum wage job at the Kingman Ace Hardware. I asked him how he and McVeigh became roommates? He said they were introduced by the director of the local Disabled American Veterans. He thought that was odd because McVeigh wasn’t disabled. I asked the director, who was a sort of psychological social worker, that question and he at first couldn’t remember Mike but when he realized he was busted said, “Oh, you mean Lenny? I know Lenny!” (Mike’s reaction to that was, “Lenny? He never called me that.”) What about McVeigh? “Tim cut firewood for me.”

Mike had been under Jolyon West’s control for a much longer time than was McVeigh but he too was meant to kill someone. That someone happened to be connected to this writer and I would have been an accessory if he’d succeeded.

Mike was designated by the VA as, “Seizure Disorder – Housebound.” The only seizure he’d ever had was the one induced by Jolyon West. Probably through hypnosis and drugs including Ketamine, he believed he couldn’t drive. We bought him a small pickup and persuaded him to drive it around.

It took more than a year but Robbi successfully extracted Mike from Jolyon West’s merciless clutches. She began by dealing with his false memories implanted by West. Mike believed he had been at the embassy in Saigon during the last days of the war but actually he had been aboard his USN destroyer the whole time of service. He had been hit in the head by an ejected 5-inch brass casing that caused rather severe headaches. It was his seeking relief from the headaches that put him in the brainwash experiments run by Jolyon West at UM.

Robbi and I urged him to sell or give his small collection of guns to someone he could trust. Sheriff’s deputies would occasionally walk into his house and inspect the guns he had in a case and check their serial numbers. Finally Robbi succeeded and I gave him a spare revolver for self-defense – I thought. This was before we were married; my business was in Las Vegas and Robbi’s practice was in Phoenix. Whenever possible we would occasionally meet at Mike’s to see how he was doing. Once he was again able to drive he naturally became stronger and more independent.

But one day he called Robbi and said, “Who is Harry Reid?” She was alarmed by the question because she knew that my business – landmine-protected vehicles – was backed by Reid, the minority leader in the US Senate. She said, “He’s a politician – why?” He said, “I’m in his compound in Searchlight, Nevada…” She said, “What are you doing in there?” He said, “I don’t know. I have the gun Bruce gave me. I climbed the big wall to get in here.”

She told him to climb that wall now and get out of there. At the time, Bush and Cheney were angry with Democrats who didn’t totally support their plans for war against Iraq, which included Reid. It also might just have been the CIA sending Mike out for a test run to see how effective Jolyon West’s candidate was. Robbi realized there was more work to do to liberate Mike from his nightmare life so far.

Terry Nichols said that his co-defendant McVeigh was following orders from FBI executive Larry Potts and McVeigh said he was controlled by Dr Jolyon West and now we can begin to see what this means.

The Oklahoma City bombing, literally overnight, destroyed what I had started six and a half years earlier, as it was designed to do. Bill Clinton claimed that the bombing saved his presidency and got him reelected in ’96. The CIA followed Lenin’s tactic of creating scorn and revulsion for your enemy. One hundred and sixty-eight people including forty children murdered created a lot of scorn and revulsion for the militia movement.

The CIA-controlled press began hinting that Louis Beam was behind the bombing, with the Rocky Mountain News leading the way. Things got murky. An informant for the ATF claimed she had warned her handlers that the Murrah Building was going to be bombed only to be ignored. Carol Howe said that Dennis Mahon and Andreas Strassmeir were involved in the conspiracy.

In a strange and obscene move, Kirk Lyons became Strassmeir’s attorney. As the head of security of a federally-protected Christian rest camp for criminals, Strassmeir was reported by Carol Howe to have urged the residents to action, threatening, “If we don’t bomb something, I’m quitting!” Howe said under oath that McVeigh had met with Strassmeir at Elohim City in 1994. That is, two federal agents met in the months leading up to April 19, 1995. And everyone associated with Strassmeir was by federal standards connected to McVeigh.

This included my friend Louis Beam. I was told by a mutual friend a few months after the massacre that Louis admitted to have taken Strassmeir across the Mexican border presumably at the direction of federal operative Dave Hollaway to await the arrival of the German special action force GSG-9. The plane arrived two days later and Strassmeir was extracted back to Berlin.

This was to me a shocking development considering my friendship with Louis and my intent to protect him from the accusation of involvement with the bombing. Obviously I was mistaken. So I proposed that he and I go to Berlin and that he confront his friend and obtain a confession of his role in the federal operation. A wealthy man in Chicago, Alex Magnus, agreed to pay our expenses. Louis said he would need a hundred thousand dollars to relocate to Costa Rica. He no doubt thought that should make me forget this crazy idea but Magnus agreed to pay him what he wanted. Unfortunately, Alex Magnus developed a fast-acting stomach cancer and died before my plan could be carried out. I imagine Louis was greatly relieved.

I gave him twenty-six years to tell me why he helped the FBI. When a mutual friend in Russia admitted that Louis told him he’d helped Strassmeir, I became enraged. The great Seditionist helped destroy the biggest anti-federal movement in US history. This is an example of the treachery that runs rampant in Christian political circles today.

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