NAZIS: HITLER: My very interesting discovery about Hitler’s Economics – HITLER LOVED, LOVED, LOVED ENGLAND!!!!

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I have been looking for YEARS for information about Hitler’s economics and how it was thought up and how it worked. Gottfried Feder is the main guy who gets credit for Hitler’s economics. But purely by accident, I’ve been reading a really fascinating biography by another German, who was involved with the early NAZIS and who was a rising star. He was also an ECONOMIST and he had worked in big business.

He saw Goering as his main opponent, and he disliked Goering a lot and tried to get Hitler to get rid of Goering. But in the end, Goering won, and this guy disappeared from the upper echelons of the NAZI party.

But in this guy’s memoirs, he writes a lot about discussions he and Hitler had which included other economists.

I was amazed by the depth of these discussions with Hitler and how these economists taught Hitler about how the State can issue its own money without ever needing the JEWS!

I will have to do a more detailed video on this later. I was amazed by the discussions. It contains tons of details.

They also have incredible discussions about politics and alliances. Hitler’s love of ENGLAND is amazing. Hitler loved the English like you cannot believe. The others had to keep telling Hitler you can’t trust England. Hitler’s love and praise for the English is just amazing.

Imagine what a disappointment reality would later be for him.

But the economics blew me away. JEWS OWN ENTIRE WESTERN NATIONS!!!

Jews keep us all in slavery.


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