My Analysis: Donald Trump’s Strategy for 2021 and thereafter…

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There are people, like the owner of Brighteon and Natural News, Mr Adams, who say that Donald Trump is SURROUNDED BY TRAITORS and they are preventing him from doing what he should be doing. I totally agree with this analysis.

Trump is wasting his time and his natural desire to fight back is being messed with. I’m quite disgusted. I think what Trump will do, or will try to do, is that he will step down, unquestionably. THERE IS NO LAST MINUTE FIGHT BACK BY TRUMP ON 6th or thereafter. Trump will talk, Trump will stoke people’s fire, but Trump will NOT WALK THE WALK himself.

Trump did hint at martial law, and General Flynn said his thing. But to be honest with you, my assessment of the USA and of Trump himself is that the necessary anger and rage is not there. Though, that rage will be stoked and the evidence for it will grow. As I said before, Trump leaving, and the anger at the stolen election will get a life of its own.

It seems to me that Trump himself aims to leverage this via his own methods of publicity on the social media. One thing Trump is good at, is his ability to tap into the social media and into the support base he has. He has a "feel" for people, which I sensed, when he said some things back in 2012.

I think Trump does not have enough fire to actually light the revolution that he IS CAPABLE OF LIGHTING. People want action, but he won’t trigger that action. He will let things slide.

I do think that he might, out of his own anger, want to run a 4 year campaign regarding the stolen election and perhaps he might do some of his own media stuff (I hope). But I think that is going to be his game – to keep playing the stolen election card and to keep drawing crowds and to do his own thing.

I do not know if he will deal with the Republicans any more, or whether he might start his own political party?

What is critical for Whites and for White America is that the story of the stolen election will grow and it will be a thorn that will add to discomfort that already exists. The Jewish Mass Media, being the bloody scum that they are, will of course sing praises to high heaven about Biden and the hag Harris. But I think its the legacy of this stolen election that will really cause a new movement and an increasing of the Polarization of the USA. This is all good.

I urge people to just keep on spreading the word and educating other Whites AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Just spread the word, spread the culture, spread the new values and lay the groundwork for White global REVOLUTION! Not just in the USA but everywhere! 14/88

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