Midnight tally: Update : Trump Wins by Narrow Margin


[An American who was watching sent this out at Midnight. But personally, I think Trump actually should be winning by a much wider margin than last time. However, below is the excel sheet where he did his tally. Jan]

On 11/4/2020 1:51 AM, Ken wrote:

Did a tally on the states that Trump was ahead in at midnight … shows a narrow win of 272 Electoral Votes

Vote tallys were flipped in Virginia, Arizona, and Nevada somehow.

There are 6 Trump States that the leftist media is not conceding for Trump

At 2am CBS had 213 for trump and was just conceding TX and FL to be added so 213 + 38 + 29 = 280 ish ?

In the 29 States that Trump was winning in, Here are what appears to be the Final Results :

Source : https://www.usatoday.com/elections/results/2020-11-03/

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