Map of the huge Black Alliance in Africa against the Whites of Southern Africa

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[I drew up this map to show the scale of the blacks who gathered up against the few million whites of Southern Africa. Even so, we whites held out for decades. This will give you an idea of how ALL OF AFRICA worked against us, over and above Jewish communism which worked through Russia and China PLUS, the World Council of Churches, plus even European humanitarian support for the blacks, plus the fact that Britain and America would not let us get weapons, etc. Yet, a few million of us held out for long, and in the process we killed lots of blacks.

This should show you that you should NOT fear race war and confrontation with these blacks and non-whites, with Jews leading the charge. We can win. If only small groups of us stood together, you’d be shocked by what can be done. So don’t be pessimistic about the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, etc. Just focus and fight on and push our politics and cultural agendas forward.

PS: Some of those black countries that were publicly against us, traded in secret with the whites, especially with Apartheid South Africa. Jan]

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